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An immediate opening for an experienced Concrete Pump Operator. 


The operator shall be responsible for the operation of a concrete pump truck from driving to and from the job site, to the operation of the pump, managing ready-mix and concrete pours, to keeping the equipment clean and in good operating condition. The operator is expected to be a good representative of the Company and must have the ability to relate with customers in a professional, responsible manner. 

Because this is a highly competitive business, the hours worked will be irregular with many last minute changes. An operator has to be flexible to the needs of the Company and its customers. 


- Drive the pump truck in a safe and conscientious manner to the job site and back to the yard. 

- Operate the pump in a safe and conscientious manner, set up system, and clean out the 

pump after the job. 

- Light repair of pumps: Some maintenance is required. Know pump well enough to 

recognize problems and report them. 

- Customer relations: Represent the Company through efficient work and courteous 


- Keep pump clean: Keep pump washed and free of concrete and grease. Keep system 

free of concrete. 

- Yard: Return system after use to appropriate location in yard. Keep yard neat and orderly. 

- Paperwork: Complete and submit pump inspection forms. Complete and submit pump 

maintenance forms. Keep an accurate time-card of time worked. 


- Transfer 2” to 5” hose from truck rack to ground, from ground to area of need and 

re-position hose to install clamps. 

- Transfer 2” to 5” hose to/from truck rack and to/from area of need. 

- Transfer pipes, hoses to/from truck, to/from area of need and re-position to install clamps. 

- Transfer pipes from ground, stand pipes up to dump out concrete when breaking down 


- Transfer hoses to/from truck, to/from area of need and position tip hose. 

- Grease pump, engage lever on hose sprayer to wash down hopper, pump and equipment. 

- Access elevated pour locations to set up and break down hoses and pipes 

- Access truck cab and access hoses, pipes in truck rack and on back of pumper. 

- Requires walking: Access equipment in yard, access truck, access pour location and lay 

out pipe hose. Walk on uneven terrain, rebar, walkways and wire mesh. 

- Position/remove gaskets and clamps when setting up and breaking down hoses/pipes. 

- Sit in drive truck (standard transmission) to pour location. Requires tolerance of seated 

posture up to 8 hours per 18 hours. 

- Must stand to set-up, operate, tear down and wash down concrete pumper and equipment; 

to shovel dirt prior to setting outriggers; to operate pump remote; to monitor pour. - 

Requires tolerance of standing posture up to 16 hours over 18 hours. 

- Requires (near, far depth) vision to drive truck to pour location; to set up, operate, tear 

down, wash down concrete pumper and equipment; to shovel dirt prior to setting 

outriggers; to operate pump remote; to monitor pour; to grease pump and to 

complete required paperwork. 

- Must tolerate working environment with outside ambient temperatures, including excessive 

heat, cold and precipitation.


To perform this job successfully, an individual must have knowledge of concrete pumps and some mechanics involved to keep the pumps in good running order. 

Must have good driving record and good customer relation skills. 

Must be able to read and understand equipment manuals and safety manuals. 

Must have the ability to run the equipment in a conscientious and safe manner. 

Must be able to lift, set and move system. 

Must have the ability to troubleshoot minor mechanical problems in order to keep the pump in good working condition. 

Class 5 Drivers License is required (Line Pumps), Class 3 Drivers License would be an asset, and it required for all boom pumps.


- Experience in operating concrete pumps and working with customers. 

- Valid Canadian Driver’s License (Class 1, 3, or 5) and Canadian Care Card. 


- Must be able to meet WORKSAFE BC requirements for hearing and seeing. 

- Must be able to verbally communicate to others. 

- Good manual dexterity to climb on and around the pump truck in all weather conditions 

common to the area of the country. 

- Must be able to lift up to 75 pounds to overhead position. 

- Must be able to push and pull up to 50 pounds. 

- Must possess the ability to stand for 16 to 18 hours a day and have the balance and 

dexterity to walk around various construction job sites. 





If you are looking for a career with an established and growing company, make City Pumping your choice.

We seek motivated, energetic individuals to join our team and help us grow within the industry. We are looking for NEW AND EXPERIENCED CONCRETE PUMP OPERATORS, with a valid Class 1, 3, or 5 drivers license, with air brakes. We will train, if necessary!!

Incentives include modern, quality equipment, in-depth training, competitive wages, and working with young, energetic group of people that pride themselves on safety, and family-oriented lifestyles. 

With City Pumping, there is opportunity for plenty of hours and overtime, while doing physical, hands-on work outdoors.

If you can envision yourself as a valued member of this team, please forward your resume and references (and driver's abstract) to:

In Person: Unit 1Q - 2015 Millstream Road

By Fax: 250-474-1898

By Email: